Condom Sizing: Finding the Right Fit

Wink Condoms Condom Sizing Chart

You know what matters more than size? Fit. You’ve probably heard the stat that condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. That’s true, but only if they’re used correctly and fit properly.

A condom that’s too big? It’s more likely to slide off. And a condom that’s a little too snug? There is a greater chance that it may break. 

As an industry focused on preventing pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections, it seems like a no brainer that condom manufacturers would want to help people find the right size condom, right? Sadly, that’s not usually the case. Condom companies have been guilty for years of using size as a marketing gimmick. Rather than helping people find the right condom, they’ve pushed the idea that bigger is better with ridiculous names (we’re looking at you Mega Anaconda) and misleading packaging (a bigger foil doesn’t mean a bigger condom). 

And do you know what’s even slimier than absurd names and misleading packaging?  Many large size condoms aren’t actually any larger than standard or “average” size condoms. A leading third-party condom seller has been measuring “large” condoms for over 20 years and they have found time and again that condoms advertised as large weren’t large at all. A few were actually smaller than average size!

Here at Wink, we just want you to find the right fit, so you’re safer and more comfortable. That is why we’re transparent with our condoms sizes. Pick up any of our 10 count or 24 count boxes and you can see clearly labeled illustrations showing our condoms’ shape, length and width. Pick what’s right for you, feel safe and secure, and have fun. 

So while you or your partner may in fact need a large condom, there’s a good chance that you’re actually better off using a standard sized offering. Try one on for yourself.

Sources: Planned Parenthood; RipnRoll Blog

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