Are WINK Brand condoms safe and effective:

WINK Brand condoms are both safe and effective!  They exceed all U.S. FDA standards for testing and adhere to the highest quality standards to keep you safe. Other than abstinence, the use of latex condoms is the best protection against the AIDS virus and other STDs, including gonorrhea, HPV, genital herpes, chlamydia, syphilis and hepatitis-B. When used consistently and properly, condoms also provide the most effective method of birth control available without a prescription.

How are WINK Brand condoms tested?

Condoms are classified by the Food and Drug Administration as medical devices and are regulated and manufactured according to strict national standards. During the manufacturing process, condoms undergo stringent quality control procedures. Before being packaged, every WINK condom sold in the U.S. is electronically tested by our Quality Center of Excellence for defects such as holes or areas of extreme thinning. In addition, the FDA randomly tests condoms using the water-leak test in which a condom is filled with 300ml of water. If these federal inspectors find defects in more than four condoms per 1000 tested in each production run, the entire lot must be destroyed.

WINK Brand Condoms undergo a battery of rigorous quality control tests at every point of our manufacturing process to ensure our condoms meet worldwide requirements. WINK condoms undergo strenuous water and air inflation tests to check for defects. Our condoms are then checked by a patented electronic testing process to check for microscopic holes before they are packaged. All of this testing assures you the highest quality product, each and every time.

WINK Brand condoms not only meet, but exceed U.S. Standards for strength and reliability. Complete factory testing, independent laboratory analysis, and regular FDA inspections form a comprehensive quality assurance program designed to assure maximum protection and product quality.

What is the shelf life of WINK Brand condoms?

All quality condoms should have an expiration date, and all WINK Brand condoms have the lot # and expiration date printed on the back of the foil package for easy identification. WINK Brand Condoms have a five-year expiration date from the time they were manufactured. Condoms are individually packaged in sealed, air-tight packets and should not be opened until the condom is to be used.  Condoms should not be used after they reach the expiration date.

Can condoms be used with massage oil, baby oil, petroleum jelly, etc.?

No, oil can destroy a condom. To prevent damage to your condom, use only water-based or silicone-based personal lubricants. Water-based and silicone lubricants are safe to use because they do not contain oil.  Do not use baby oil, mineral oil, coconut oil or petroleum jelly.

What is an STI?

STI stands for Sexually Transmitted Infection. These infections, or diseases, are any infection that is passed by body fluids during vaginal, anal, or oral sex. These fluids include semen (cum), vaginal fluids (the wetness in the vagina) and blood. A latex condom acts as a barrier to prevent these fluids from being exchanged. But, an STI can also be spread by contact with the skin of the genital or anal area if infection is present. It can also be spread by contact inside of the mouth. If you are sexually active, it is recommended that you are tested early and often for STIs. WINK Brand condoms can help reduce the risk of STIs if used properly and effectively.

 How do I know if I can get an STI?

If you are sexually active you may get an STI. Remember, when you have sex with someone, you are potentially exposed to STIs that they, or anyone they’ve had sex with before you, may have had.

You may have heard them called by different names, so below are common STI’s:

HIV-AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome/Human Immune-Deficiency Virus)
Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)
Genital Warts (HPV) (Human Papillomavirus)

If used properly, WINK Brand condoms may help to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV infection (AIDS) and many other sexually transmitted diseases.

How thin are WINK Brand condoms?

WINK Brand condoms are the thinnest latex condoms on the market today.  Okamoto Industries, the parent company that makes WINK Brand condoms, has been making thin condoms for nearly 100 years.

WINK Closer condoms are 0.04mm thin
WINK Slider condoms are 0.04mm thin

WINK Studded condoms are 0.07mm thin
WINK X - Large condoms are 0.065mm thin

Are thin condoms safe, as safe as regular thickness condoms?

Yes, WINK thin condoms are as safe as regular thickness condoms.  WINK thin condoms meet and even exceed all test requirements (ASTM) published by the FDA for safety and effectiveness.  If used properly, WINK Brand condoms may help reduce the risk of HIV(AIDS) and other sexually transmitted STIs.